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Staff Coaches

First Name Last Name Region Highest Licensure Notes
Lauren Aldred West USSF D
Brian Anderson West USSF D Massachusetts ODP
David Barton West NSCAA National, UEFA B
Christian Battaglia DA/NPL USSF A
Rick Beidleman Central NSCAA Adv National Norfolk County Agricultural HS girls varsity
Michelle Belvery Central USSF E
Sammy Boateng North Shore USSF C, NSCAA National Assistant Coach - Boston College
Nick Bone West USSF C
Brian Borde Central USSF A National Training Center & ODP
Marissa Bramwell Metro South USSF E
Jason Braga DA/NPL USSF C, NSCAA Adv National, Masters in Coaching Assistant Coach - Umass Lowell
Nick Burke DA/NPL USSF B, NSCAA Premier
Scott Cannon Southeast USSF B, NSCAA Adv National, USSF National Youth License
Anna Case Central USSF D
John Conlon DA/NPL USSF C, NSCAA Premier, NSCAA Advanced National Goalkeeping Assistant Coach - Brandeis University
Daniel Cotter Metro South National Youth License
Kevin Cumberbatch Central Worcester State Head Coach
Candice Dangora North Shore USSF E
David Denault West USSF E
Matt Denecour Southeast USSF E
Sophie Dewar Southeast USSF E, NSCAA National, NSCAA Masters in Soccer Coaching
John Dormer North Shore USSF F
Gary Dove Southeast USSF F
Jonathan Eckford DA/NPL USSF E
Kenneth Fryer Central USSF E, NSCAA Adv National Men's Assistant Coach Brown University
Darren Gallagher Central USSF C, NSCAA Premier
Jennifer Gouvin West USSF G
Ryan Gwinnell World Cup USSF C
Steve Grimshaw DA/NPL USSF C, NSCAA Premier
Brittany Hagopian Metro North/Metro Boston
Tim Hallett DA/NPL USSF B, NSCAA Premier, FA Level 2
Zach Halpern North Shore USSF F
Dan Hansen DA/NPL USSF B, NSCAA Adv National
John Hoxsie Southeast USSF D, NSCAA National Cumberland High School Girls
Jacqueline Hughes North Shore USSF E
Kevon Isa West USSF B, NSCAA Adv National Head coach AIC women soccer
Farid Issa South Shore NSCAA National
Norman James North Shore USSF E
Andrew Jellison North Shore USSF D
Matt Jones DA/NPL USSF C, NSCAA Premier
Mirsad Jusufovic World Cup USSF D
Ryan Kanaczet Southeast USSF E Narragansett High School Varsity Boys Coach
Jeff Katz DA/NPL USSF D, NSCAA Adv National MIT Women's Soccer assistant coach
Ed Kelly DA/NPL USSF A Boston College Head Coach
Casey King North Shore Endicott College Women's soccer Assistant coach
Ben Knight Central USSF E, NSCAA Adv National, NSCAA GK
Ebbie Kodiattu North Shore NSCAA Premier
Kieran Laverty Metro North/Metro Boston NSCAA Adv National
Terrence Leahy West NSCAA Adv National
Peter LeVasseur North Shore GK level 2
Ethan Lincoln Southeast USSF E
Adam Lucey West
Andy Mason Central NSCAA Adv National
Ben Masse West USSF E Chicopee High School
Shane McCarran North Shore USSF E
Jim McGirr Southeast USSF B, NSCAA Premier Head Coach CCRI
Ashley McGown North Shore USSF E
Chris Millington Central USSF D, US Youth Futsal License
Ricardo Monje Central USSF A
Patrick Mulcahy World Cup NSCAA Premier
Sean Napier Metro North/Metro Boston UEFA B Dana Hall Varsity Coach
Rene Novoa North Shore NSCAA Premier
Matthew Otoole Metro North/Metro Boston USSF B, NSCAA Adv National Clark University Head Coach
Jeff Patten Southeast USSF D Head Women's Coach Dean College
Derek Perras Central NSCAA National
Julius Pertillar Metro North/Metro Boston USSF D
Luis Rabielli Southeast USSF E
Anderson Ribeiro Central NSCAA National
Britt Sellmayer Metro South USSF C, NSCAA Adv National Oliver Ames Girls Varsity Coach
Tony Sendra West USSF E, NSCAA National, NSCAA Director of Coaching
Andrew Serafino West USSF D
Jenny Serafino West USSF D
Jeremy Sherer Southeast USSF D, USSF Nat Y Cranston High School West Head Coach
Mary Shimko Central USSF D, NSCAA Adv National Assistant Coach at Brandeis University and coach for ODP Massachusetts
Stuart Shulman West USSF C MA ODP Assistant Coach Region I ODP Staff Coach
Anthony Silva Southeast USSF D
Chris Simon Southeast USSF E
Michael Soucy West NSCAA Adv National Easthampton High Boys Varsity Coach
Jean St. Fleur Metro North/Metro Boston USSF E
Jannice Sundqvist-Vose Metro North/Metro Boston USSF E Assistant Coach Lasell College
Jacqueline Thompson World Cup USSF D
Jake Thurber West USSF D, NSCAA National NMH Assistant Varsity, Mass ODP
Erick Toledo Metro North/Metro Boston NSCAA National
Paul Walsh Central USSF C, FAI c
David Walsh Southeast USSF C, GK Diploma
Todd Waltsak West NSCAA Adv National
Chris Warner Metro South USSF E, NSCAA National, FA Level 2, NSCAA Level 2 Goalkeeping Diploma, Coerver Youth Diploma
Mark Wholey Southeast USSF E
Daniel Wyborney World Cup USSF D, NSCAA Adv National
Martin Yarumian Southeast USSF D
Daniel Yarumian Southeast USSF D