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NEFC started as a small non-profit nearly 20 years ago. From its humble beginnings, an altruistic leader and current club President Brian Mazar, took the helm over 10 years ago with the vision to build a global presence as well as lead a grassroots effort to give back to the communities in which they served. Now, one of the nation's largest youth soccer clubs with a global presence, NEFC is committed to using this platform as a catalyst to bring more social good. 

A major charitable giving effort, started again from humble beginnings, nearly four years ago, in order to build a community that fosters charitable giving and diversity in our community. With a staff of 85 and over 4,000 players, NEFC has laid the groundwork to instill those values in our coaches, players and respective families. With the groundwork laid, NEFC is steadfast on building a community in which every family knows that NEFC is a non-profit and families choose NEFC with that in mind.  

NEFC has two philanthropic initiatives, supported by both our yearly raffle which takes places January-April as well as individual and corporate tax-deductible donations. NEFC continues to seek individual and corporate donations that allow for both program longevity and help fulfill increasing demand.

NEFC offers charitable giving packages that allow donors to sponsor individual players, an inner-city team or an entire inner-city region. NEFC also has other packages including camp sponsorship and different “add-on’s” that provide players with nutritional advice and/or gear such as soccer cleats and uniforms at cost. View packages here: