NEFC Tournament Staff must check in the credentials of all teams prior to participating in the tournament. US Soccer and its affiliate US Club Soccer sanction the Spring Showcase. Teams must have the following items below:

Each team will need to upload the following as well as have all items present at the field for the entirety of the tournament.

  1. Official Roster including all guest players
  2. Player Cards
  3. NEFC Tournament Medical Waiver Signed and fully completed (Club Waivers not accepted)
  4. Copy of passports for all players (International Teams Only)

Please download the file showing the step by step instructions of how to upload the appropriate documents in gotsoccer. See the list of items below that must be uploaded.

Deadline for document upload is 3/12/2021

DURING THE TOURNAMENT A TEAM REP MUST HAVE THESE ITEMS BY THE FIELD AT ALL TIMES, AND GAMES WILL BE RANDOMLY CHECKED. Teams failing to check in or having required items on hand in may forfeit their matches.

NEFC Spring Showcase will only be accepting Online Check-in through Gotsoccer. There will be no check in at the fields!

Online Check-in through Gotsoccer Team Account

Create PDF documents with the required check-in materials. (Follow Online Check-in Download for instructions)